After Cancer, It’s Still You, But With So Much More!

Amélie, 32 ans, manager des achats et des stocks, opérée d’un cancer du sein en 2021


This challenge has fueled my desire to face new challenges. A way to regain
control over my body. During treatments, the body is completely passive. I
underwent the treatments without a fuss, accepting every stage without
flinching. Once the treatments were over, I thought to myself: "Okay, the body
has gone far into the negative (on the wellness spectrum), so now I'll push it to
the other end: let"s go far together into the positive."

I then embarked on various athletic challenges, even though I was never
into sports before.

I started running, practicing yoga, hiking, and even went paragliding. My next
adventure: cycling through the Loire Valley.



I participated in running races and, most importantly, I enjoyed them: the 20km
of Brussels, the 20km of Paris, the festive half-marathon in Givry, and soon,
the Amsterdam half-marathon.

I also went paragliding on the slopes of the Swiss mountains in Evolène. It's
worth mentioning that I have a paralyzing fear of heights. However, when I
jumped, I felt completely calm. It was as if I wasn't afraid of anything anymore.
All my fears faded that day. I realized that the real fear, the deep one, I had
experienced it in the hospital. Everything else now is pure joy.

My epiphany?

Crossing the finish line of the 20km of Brussels for the first time. A mix of
excitement, nostalgia, and pride. It was a whirlwind of emotions, but crossing
that symbolic line enabled me to begin my new life, the post-cancer life. It
marked the beginning of something new.