Writing and Podcasting to Overcome Cancer

Delphine Rémy, auteure


When I pen down a testimonial, my words can shift drastically from one day to
the next. From an upbeat, positive, and optimistic note, it can swing to a
darker, more negative mood just hours later. 

That's cancer for you.

An unending journey of joy, sorrow, barren landscapes, moments of peace,
unforgettable encounters—some magical, while others accompanied by loss,
grief, and hard-to-grasp realities. But isn’t that what life is? A series of ups and
downs, which for many, become incredibly intense during and post-illness.

Who am I?

My name is Delphine Remy. After spending many years in Texas, I now reside
in Belgium. Cancer uninvitedly entered my life in June 2019. It started small,
but aggressive. My treatment included a lumpectomy, mastectomy,
chemotherapy, radiation, prophylactic mastectomy, and hormone therapy for
at least five years. I'm still undergoing the long "7-stop" breast reconstruction
process. Interestingly, this is the first time I’ve used the word “fight”—I never
felt like I was in a boxing ring during my illness.

Today, I am deeply committed to the fight against cancer. My advocacy for
those directly or indirectly affected by the disease includes:

• My book titled « Cancer ? Je gère ! » published by Ed. Mardaga.
• A blog of the same name.
• A support group, also named the same, on Facebook.
• My podcast "Born Princess, Become Warrior" where I feature stories
from survivors and insights from experts.

Cancer? I've Got This! Though, to be honest, I haven't always had it under
control. To me, coping means crumbling and then rising again, collapsing yet
standing back up, turning challenges into stepping stones.

Everyone reacts differently at each stage of the care journey

From diagnosis to the physical changes, to first laying eyes on your “battle scars,” losing hair, shaving your head, undergoing intense treatments, coping with side effects, feeling alienated from those around you, and handling administrative hurdles, there’s a lot to process and accept.

For me, writing was the salve. Initially, writing helped me navigate the whirlwind of emotions that the diagnosis brought. It was like being in a bumper car ring—the emotions clashed and collided in every direction. Denial, confusion, guilt, and trust coexisted, soon giving way to anger, loneliness, despair, and surprisingly, moments of joy and wonder. Writing was my outlet, but for you, it might be art, music, spending time with close friends, resting, or anything else. Everyone finds their own ways to cope. What uplifts you? What takes you away from this imposing reality?

A Silver Lining

Life does suck at times—we all can agree on that. A loved one once said to me, "Life is rough. It can scrape and bruise us, but we always have the choice to turn obstacles into opportunities." That, for me, embodies resilience and optimism. And then there's joy. Embracing joy, despite everything, is an active, everyday choice—cancer or not. It concerns us all.

Throughout my life, during the toughest times—some even harder than cancer—I've discovered extraordinary inner strength. It's crucial to acknowledge and celebrate these moments. Because life will throw more challenges our way. I often hear, “We’ll never be the same again.” To that, I say, "No, we won't be. But what if we focus on building something beautiful from here on?"