You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop.

Malika, 61 ans, psychothérapeute - coach - formatrice


When this challenge came into my life, I cultivated a deeper love for living,
humility, acceptance, and adaptability.

I realized that the worst thing that happened to me unveiled the best parts of
This illness triggered a profound inner transformation and enabled me to
reach a heightened level of self-awareness, discovering previously unknown
capabilities and my self-healing power. It elevated my understanding of my
true self, connecting me to an incredible potential I've yet to fully uncover.

I could never have imagined it before, but I've learned to accept what's
beyond my control, to connect with something greater than myself, to perceive
the positive side of the illness, understand its message, and activate my self-
healing power alongside medical treatment.

Since then, I've genuinely taken care of myself, listening to my needs and
desires, respecting my boundaries, and daring to ask for help. I stopped doing
what didn't suit me, and I dared to uncover my family's secrets. I found the
courage to ask difficult questions, and out of love, I received sincere answers
from my loved ones, allowing everyone to break free from the unsaid.

From this life moment, my epiphany?

It's the discovery of our unsuspected self-healing power and transitioning to a
higher dimension of consciousness.