ikonō: eco-friendly and adaptable swimwear for all ladies

ikono-movement is our muse

Movement is our muse

Designed for anyone with asymmetric breasts, or no breasts at all, for women who went through surgery leaving scars on their bodies.

Our aim is to liberate women to do what moves them, helping them to build a stronger, more positive relationship with their bodies.

Different is our normal.

Be what moves you.

Life a little louder

A collection of eco-friendly swimwear that helps women explore their new body and mindset, whether by strolling down the boardwalk, splashing around on a paddle board, or doing pilates.

All models are developed from recycled material, with hidden pockets to fill with one or two protheses, or none, it's up to you.

The Collection

Our story

From pencil to thread

We’re inspired by hundred of women who share the need for adaptable swimwear. We listened to their concerns, and turned feedback into features.


Beautiful and Sustainable

Our clothing promotes sustainability, with eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled plastics. The carbon footprint is minimal from the design process to your doorstep. Our collection has never left Europe. You are free to embrace your femininity!

Courage is beautiful

Swimwear is important, but it’s only the start.

We embrace and amplify women's energy and help them find it when it’s lacking.

We want to change women’s relationships with their bodies, and in the process, help them make the world a better place to inspire others by telling us your story at muse@ikon-o.com