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How to Choose a Swimsuit for Aquagym / Aquabike: Elegance and Performance Combined

How to Choose a Swimsuit for Aquagym / Aquabike: Elegance and Performance Combined

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Claire Baillet
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How to Choose a Swimsuit for Aquagym / Aquabike: Elegance and Performance Combined

Swimsuit for Aquagym: Adapting to Bodily Changes and Benefits

Bodily changes are a constant in a woman’s life. Over time, the loss of skin elasticity, weight fluctuations, and postural changes become realities to contend with. And when life adds its own challenges, such as a mastectomy or childbirth, the quest for well-being takes on an even deeper dimension. Aquatic fitness, whether it’s aquagym or aquabike, offers gentle yet toning practices that are invaluable allies for the body and spirit. They provide a complete workout that promotes blood circulation and improves flexibility without putting unnecessary pressure on the joints. Specific aquagym exercises, such as back movements or flotation, target key areas for postural re-education and muscle strengthening tailored to each woman, regardless of her circumstances.

Choosing the Right Swimsuit for Aquagym: Ideal Comfort

The design of an aquagym swimsuit cannot overlook the importance of firm bust support. During an aquagym or aquabike session, adequate bust support is crucial to ensure everything stays in place despite the vigor of the exercises. This support translates into increased comfort, limiting bouncing and shifting that could cause discomfort or even pain, thus allowing women to fully focus on their workout. For those who have undergone surgical trials such as a mastectomy, bust support becomes vital for the protection and maintenance of breast prostheses, while being mindful of the delicacy of scarred areas. A well-fitted swimsuit, designed with an integrated bra and thermoformed cups – removable or not – contributes not only to functionality but also to a valued and aesthetic silhouette, thereby fostering increased confidence in the woman wearing it.

Swimsuit for Aquagym: Tips for Perfect Flexibility and Support

To fully enjoy the benefits of aquagym, the choice of your pool swimsuit should not be left to chance. Wide and adjustable straps are essential for support without sacrificing comfort. These straps should slide effortlessly over your shoulders, allowing your arms to move freely – an essential freedom of movement for effective aquatic motions. The question of "one-piece or two-piece pool swimsuit?" finds its answer in the practice itself: for aquagym, a one-piece swimsuit is often preferable for its support and full coverage.

Strategic Support Zones in a Swimsuit for Aquagym

The swimsuit for aquagym must offer strategic support zones such as the bust and stomach. Adequate support means you can move, jump, and swim without fear that your swimsuit will shift or reveal more than you wish. To test this, perform a few simple movements before diving into the water. Does the swimsuit stay in place when you raise your arms or lean forward? If yes, you’ve found the right one.

Design & Care

The design of the aquagym swimsuit must balance aesthetics and functionality. A well-designed swimsuit encourages optimal freedom of movement, especially around the shoulders for swimming exercises, and provides adequate coverage for areas women often wish to conceal, like the hips and stomach. Care for the swimsuit is also crucial to preserve its protective properties and shape. Rinsing with clear water after each use and drying away from direct sunlight is recommended to maintain its integrity.

Fabric Weight and Composition

A quality swimsuit is also recognizable by its fabric weight. A denser fabric (generally around 190-200 g/m²) not only offers better durability but also better opacity. Regarding composition, look for swimsuits made of polyamide and elastane for optimal elasticity and comfort. And if you practice aquagym regularly, ensure that the swimsuit is chlorine-resistant for increased longevity.

Final Verification

Before making your final choice, here are some points to check: Does the swimsuit fit your silhouette without creating tension areas? Are the seams flat to prevent chafing? Is the lining soft to the touch, promising prolonged comfort during your sessions? Do the labels display certifications such as OEKO-TEX, ensuring the absence of harmful substances? By following these tips, you ensure selecting a swimsuit that not only meets your needs but also accompanies you in your aquatic journey with ease and assurance.

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