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Post-Cancer Recovery Through Sport: a Metamorphosis to Embrace

Post-Cancer Recovery Through Sport: a Metamorphosis to Embrace

ikono - Our Muses - Claire Baillet

Claire Baillet
ikonō Founder

Post-Cancer Recovery Through Sport: a Metamorphosis to Embrace

Why Sport After Breast Cancer?

Science confirms: regular physical activity can reduce breast cancer risks by 10 to 27%*. One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Fortunately, with early screening and advancements in treatment, recovery is possible in 9 out of 10 cases.

A Recovery Beyond the Physical

The holistic approach to healing goes far beyond medical treatment. As Dr. Laura Polastro, an oncologist at the Bordet-HUB Institute, explains, sports play a crucial role not only in preventing relapse risks but also in countering treatment side effects, such as weight gain and fatigue.

Sport as an Ally Against Cancer

After battling breast cancer, both physical and psychological rehabilitation is crucial. Sports, whether swimming, yoga, or stretching, allow:

  • To regain mobility after surgery.
  • To strengthen muscles and improve posture.
  • To fight against fatigue, a common side effect of treatments.

The "Restart" program from the Bordet Institute is an inspiring example of this approach. Discovered personally after my own battle, it allowed me to run the Brussels half-marathon with renewed energy and confidence.

Moreover, I am not the only one to have found strength through sports. Discover the inspiring testimonials of Odile, who found the strength to reconnect with herself, Anne, who sees sport as a life philosophy, and Amélie, who redefined her limits thanks to sports, each after cancer.

The Power of Community

Sport also connects us to people going through similar trials. This community provides energy, kindness, and invaluable support. Together, we turn our trials into sources of motivation.

Rebuilding Self-Esteem with ikonō

Practicing one's favorite sport in good conditions isn't always easy, especially when undergoing significant bodily changes. Often, after a mastectomy, women face both physical and aesthetic imbalances. Rebuilding self-esteem then becomes a significant challenge, as illness and treatments can lead to a loss of self-confidence. This highlights the importance of products that are not only functional. It is essential that these products allow every woman to feel confident, remain feminine, and maintain a strong, caring relationship with her body. This is where ikonō comes in.

ikonō: Transformation Through Style and Eco-responsibility

Established in 2023, ikonō gives women the opportunity to embrace their new normal with style and confidence. Collaborating with patients, doctors, and fashion experts, ikonō offers a swimwear collection that combines style, technicality, and comfort. Made from recycled fibers in Spain, they reflect our commitment to sustainable beauty.

My mantra: "Be what moves you."

Discover the ikonō collection, share your experience, and inspire others to embrace their new normalcy with #movewithikono.

Embrace movement as your best ally to regain confidence, well-being, and femininity with the ikonō collection. Our inclusive swimwear are designed for everyone, with or without post-mastectomy prosthetics. Inspire other women to embrace their differences as part of normalcy with #movewithikono.

*Source : Anses 2016

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