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ikono swimwear - blog - The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

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Claire Baillet
ikonō Founder

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

Regaining confidence in your body after surgery is a deeply personal journey. Whether it’s following a mastectomy, breast augmentation/reduction, a cesarean section, or any other procedure leaving scars, selecting the right swimwear can suddenly become a puzzle.

If you're searching for post-mastectomy swimwear, a swimsuit for scars, or swimwear for after surgery, this guide offers practical advice to help you navigate your options and find the best fit for you, along with an overview of solutions provided by ikonō.

Protection and Comfort: The Winning Pair for Your Skin After Surgery

Post-surgical skin can become drier and thinner, making it more delicate, akin to the fragility of an autumn leaf. Such sensitized skin requires specific precautions to prevent irritation. It's crucial to protect it from harsh fabrics and the harmful rays of the sun with UV-protective swimwear.

During these moments when your body is most exposed and vulnerable, our swimsuits are designed to offer protection and comfort. Fully lined with a soft fabric, they provide maximum comfort and prevent any painful rubbing. Moreover, committed to quality materials, our OEKO-TEX 100 certified recycled fiber ensures your skin is cared for without exposure to harmful substances. And thanks to densely woven fabric, our swimsuits also provide UPF 50+ protection against UV rays.

Freedom of Movement: Choose the Swimsuit That Matches Your Pace of Life

Regaining fluid mobility after surgery is a critical step in recovery, a process that requires patience and care. Traditional swimsuits might lack flexibility, squeeze sensitive areas, or fail to provide the necessary support. They can also be difficult to put on and adjust, which is far from ideal when every movement counts. For a serene return to physical activity, choose a comfortably fitting swimsuit that accommodates prostheses, offers freedom of movement, and provides balanced support.

At ikonō, we've rethought the swimsuit to empower every woman to feel confident in motion. Made from highly stretchable and durable fabrics, our swimsuits gently conform to your body without compression, providing a shaping effect at the waist. Their wire-free design with broad, adjustable straps ensures a comfortable fit that distributes pressure evenly across different body shapes. With ikonō, every woman can move towards resuming physical activities with assurance, comfort, and style, ensuring ease in every movement.

Discretion Assured: Find Swimwear with Prosthesis Pockets Without Sacrificing Style

Post-operative asymmetry is a common issue for many women after a mastectomy or other breast surgeries. This situation requires specific swimwear that can not only accommodate prostheses to rebalance the figure but also remain true to style and elegance. Too often, the available solutions lead to compromises on aesthetics or comfort.

At ikonō, we have created swimsuits that celebrate the beauty of every woman. Our swimwear with prosthesis pockets can accommodate one or two prostheses, or none, according to your needs, without ever compromising the swimsuit's design. An additional opening is provided at the top of the strap for easier and discreet readjustment if necessary. The thermoformed cups realign and harmonize the chest, offering a symmetrical and natural appearance. Necklines and cuts are carefully designed to reveal your femininity while considering scars, ensuring perfect discretion. Every woman can feel confident in a swimsuit tailored to her uniqueness.

Stay True to Yourself: Swimwear for All, Without Compromise

Regardless of their journey or the challenges each has faced or is facing, women often find themselves post-surgery facing a difficult choice: opting for swimwear that prioritizes functionality at the expense of style. The options available on the market do not always meet the specific needs of those seeking to combine medical comfort and desired aesthetics.

At ikonō, we have collaborated with women of diverse stories, health professionals, and fashion experts to merge these expertises and create swimwear suitable for every moment: whether for sports practice or to assert timeless elegance. Our one-piece swimsuits, La Nageuse and La Versatile, as well as our two-piece, allow intense practice of swimming, aqua biking, yoga, paddle boarding..., relaxing by the pool or paired with a skirt or jacket for a drink, you will look perfect! All that's left is to choose the color that suits you best.

We've told you everything or almost everything… We invite you to explore our range, find the swimsuit that resonates with you, and share your feedback to help us perfect each design. At ikonō, your voice matters so we can continue to offer the joy of regained confidence in every movement.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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