I would have never considered it before, yet I've achieved so much

Odile, 34 ans, institutrice


After a year of intensive treatments, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy,
and surgery for the two cancers, my body suffered and changed significantly.
It became necessary to rediscover and accept my transformed body. Thus, my
self-image was no longer the same.

In late December, just four months after the last chemotherapy session, I
traveled to New Zealand for a month with a group where I knew no one. I left
filled with doubts about my physical condition and the possibility of being far
away, alone in a social setting, especially after spending nearly the entire year
in almost complete isolation due to infection risks during the treatment. In the
end, the trip turned out to be wonderful, and it did wonders for my well-being! I
regained confidence in my physical abilities, met new people, and the
stunning nature gave me a huge boost!

After this trip, I felt like I had turned a new page. My "new" life had begun,
eager for new experiences. Since early February, I have been training for the
20 km run in Brussels. I had never run before, and I would probably have
never considered doing it without this abrupt halt in my life.

Unexpectedly and astonishingly, this period brought so many positive things to
my life. It led me to do things I would have never considered before. We learn
to cherish every pleasant moment, no matter how rare, and turn it into a
precious one. It's a significant life lesson!

Making the most of each day is crucial!