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Sustainable Development:
Convictions, Coherence & Meaning at Every Step


At ikonō, sustainability is not just an option.
Each of our women's swimsuits embodies our commitment to sustainable, responsible, and ethical fashion.

Blending Style and Responsibility

Whether for our swimsuits (80% recycled fiber) or linings (82% recycled fiber), we've chosen the polyamide from Fulgar's Q-Nova® technology—a recycled fiber made from post-industrial waste. This decision goes beyond fashion; it's a conscious act aimed at preserving our planet.

Less Polluting Production Process

Based on a purely mechanical manufacturing process, Q-Nova® fiber production eliminates harmful chemicals while contributing to significant savings. In the production process 40% in water consumption, 50% of energy and 60% in CO2 emissions are saved compared to virgin nylon or polyamide*.

Reassurance from Numerous Global Environmental Certifications

Certified by reliable labels such as the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and Euro Label, Q-Nova® ensures that we reduce our environmental footprint, contributing to resource preservation and ethical fashion.

Respect for Skin and the Environment

Q-Nova® fiber blended with elastane offers more than just durability. It ensures softness, breathability, and exceptional comfort. Also certified OEKO-TEX 100, it guarantees that each thread and accessory are free of harmful substances, ensuring a compromise-free experience for your skin. With UPF+50 protection, you are shielded from harmful sun rays. Your well-being and that of our planet are our priorities.

Weaving a Virtuous Future – Responsible Partners and a Short Production Channel

Imagined and designed in Brussels, our products—from fabrics sourcing to prototyping to manufacturing—are created in close collaboration with partners who share our values. Organized within a small perimeter around Barcelona, a true hub of innovation and expertise, this ecosystem under the Iberian sun allows us to ensure close relationships, fair pricing, ethical working conditions, and minimize our carbon footprint.

At ikonō, beauty lies in the deep connection between style, ethics, and the environment. We believe in authenticity that honors our planet while celebrating the strength and elegance of every woman. Welcome to a community where the protection of women and the planet go hand in hand.

Be What Moves You

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