Our story

It all started at the beach last summer. I had achieved remission after my mastectomy and my favorite bikini's were no longer suitable. My only option was a one-piece swimsuit that offered support for my new body but lacked all sense of self-expression. I was self-conscious among friends, family and strangers alike! How could this be after everything I (and millions of other women) had gone through?

No matter what has become of our breasts, each and every one of us has the right to be different. But how can we truly embrace this new reality, where women love and respect their bodies, yet cannot access the practical product to match our mindset?

I feel so strongly about this simple matter: women should not achieve the incredible milestone of breast cancer remission, only to experience a cruel realization.

Instead, I want women to feel brave and beautiful, secure and stylish, and motivated to move their bodies in order to move forward in their lives.

I've insisted on working with a team of passionate and like-minded individuals, including our French designer who is expert in the luxury fashion sector.

While functionality is key, it is also important to prioritize design and style. Women who have undergone breast cancer surgery should be able to find swimwear that is both functional and fashionable, and feel confident and empowered with their new body.

We tested our approach with women who had undergone surgery and others who hadn't, to get their feedback and insights. We used this feedback to refine our designs and create swimwear models that meet our customers' needs.

My mantra: « Be what moves you ».

Our inspiration

We're inspired by hundreds of women with whom we tested our approach and who share a need for adaptable swimwear. We listened to their concerns and turned feedback into features. We focused our design on comfort and functionality, ensuring scars are covered and prostheses held in place securely.

Overcoming what is in effect an accident of life is an opportunity to express one's femininity and beauty. It is an opportunity to sublimate one's difference.

Accompanying this metamorphosis during moments when our bodies are most exposed, is ikonō's mission.

This is why we are inspired by colors from which black is intentionally excluded. The brand's signature - the vivid pink border- adorns each piece.


The brand is conscientious and transparent regarding product quality and origin.

Stretch and flex in eco fabrics and higher durability, our swimwear is made to last.

Made from closed loop materials certified Oeko-tex, whose nylon is manufactured from regenerated raw materials, we transform these materials into adaptable, environmentally friendly swimwear.

Minimal air miles from design to your front door, our collection is produced under the Iberian sun. You're free to feel feminine.



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